We offer clothing made from upcycling or stocks of deadstock fabrics from fashion houses, this means that the quantities of fabrics we own are limited and all products from unique editions.

Deadstock’s fabrics rolls are very qualitative fabrics that are no longer intended for the industry and are piled up with some suppliers, the objective is to help empty this invisible industrial trash. We also produce pieces Upcycling. We appropriate materials in their entirety to give them a new breath thanks to our savoir-faire. It is therefore a sustainable technique for treating our waste. It gives materials a second life and reduces our ecological footprint.

At Zina Par Lechartier, we seek to upgrade all materials outside of normal production channels to guarantee a unique garment with high added value, see how we work.
horse fashion pleated pant b&w 


Our suppliers are mainly from the luxury, we associate it timeless cuts revised to our taste, the fabrics of fashion houses guarantee durability and optimal comfort.
For upcycling it is a little more complex, we provide ourselves in sorting center. In the centres, they are sorted according to their type, condition, and quality:
  •  Good quality parts : return to the second-hand circuit in Europe, in thrift stores and other concepts.
  • Coins in medium condition : return to the second-hand circuit in developing countries, mainly in sub-Saharan Africa where they are sold in markets.
  • Parts in very poor condition : mostly reintegrate the energy recovery process and are transformed into insulation.
Note: with the degradation of the quality of products, especially because of fast fashion, many products are unmarketable and end up in the ocean or rot in open dumps or these products, mainly composed of oil, often end up burned.
For upcycling, we therefore buy our raw material in the sorting center regardless of their condition and then we make a brand-new product.
Take for example, our zipped hoodies are an assembly of 3 different sweatshirts that must first be washed, deconstructed, studied, dyed, and cut to use the best parts.
worshop sewing machine


Our pre-order system allows us to make custom pieces, if you want a custom piece for a perfect fit or if you encounter difficulties to dress yourself at the best, this section is for you.
To ensure our custom parts system, we work without any stock, so you must be a little patient to receive your order, good things take time.
We start to make your piece upon receipt of your order, so we can make some modifications (some colours, or lengths). We also offer to create a piece entirely on your measurements, paying a small extra for the development cost. Then, we carefully make as close as possible to your needs each order in our Parisian workshop.
Our « unique clothing » concept means that once a product is sold out, it is often sold out forever (unless we find the same fabric or similar material).
sewing machine b&w
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Any support we receive is precious, Love.
Samuel & Léa