As the world change, we want to change the way of consuming fashion. No greenwashing here we want to be the more transparent we can. We want to make luxury accessible; we love clothing’s that’s fit well, beautiful fabrics and that’s what we want to share with you.
All is hand made at our house, in Paris, we do all by ourselves as the conception, the sewing, style. Fabrics we buys come from destock fabrics of the Houses of couture, little creators, factories or are vintage, that make pieces limited according to the availability of fabrics.

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  Custom pieces?

When the shop is open, you have the choice to order a standard size (XS/34, S/36, M/38, L/40, XL/42 etc…) or tailored piece on each product page. For a tailored piece you will be able to enter the measurements of your chest, waist, and hips measurements. If you want to indicate us any other measures (like your height, how long your arms are), please feel free to add any other info in the comment section when you are in your basket. If you forgot to add any measures or wanted a tailored piece instead of a standard size, no worries; You can email us with specifying your correction you’re your order number after you paid at contact info@zinaparlechartier.com.


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  Will you do a restock?

Our fabrics stock come from leftover, so it’s limited, and we never know if we be able to find the same again. If It’s a plain fabric, we can propose a similar one, but if it’s a printed one we don’t custom, we won’t be able to find it again. Sometimes we can find many fabrics, but sometimes only 2 or 4 meters. We specify the number of piece possible to make with the fabric on the product page.


worldwide shipement icon  Do you ship worldwide ?

Yes we ship worldwide only in France. The shipping fees are automatically calculated depending on your shipping destination; you can see it when you are in your basket.


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  When will I received my order?

We are working without any stock; every piece is made-to-order by us in our home. Approximately the delay of the dispatch is of 3 weeks from the day of the order. All depend on the numbers of orders we have and so the overload of work. You will receive an email once your order is sent with the tracking numbers.


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  Eshop close ?

Our eshop open on the 28 every two months, it can also open because we have a piece to sell, if you want to keep informing be sure to follow us on Instagram. All the drops came out at 12:30 PM NYC time and 06:30PM Paris time. As everything is made-to-order and only sew in our workshop in Paris, we can only make around 120 orders per month for now. Once the shop is open, the pieces will become available to buy. The eshop close when we have too many orders or when all the products have been sold out. All the pieces sold out are forever gone.


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  How long the eshop stay open after its opening?

We can’t know how much time the e-shop can stay open; we can only accept around 30 orders per week. The eshop close automatically when we received our 120 orders.


You can find here all the most frequently asked question you have, if it’s not, please feel free to contact us at info@zinaparlechartier.com.